Vidyo Dimitrov Fluid Power Ltd.

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Power couplings transmit rotary motion of electric and hydraulic motors, internal combustion engines and other rotary machines. The design in three parts with a central elastomer allows angular, axial and radial displacement of the shafts connected, as well as parallel misalignment in case there is no gap. The elastomer of the spider type is made of urethane and exhibits high resistance to abrasion, as well as good absorption characteristics. Spiders are available in different degrees of hardness depending on the torque, the shock absorption required and the operating conditions. These couplings can be assembled "blindly" in narrow spaces, additionally providing electrical insulation between the shafts. The hubs are made of steel, aluminium or cast iron, and the connection can be done by means of collets, keys or a combination of both. The outer diameters can be up to 180 mm, and the torques can reach 25 kNm.

Our couplimgs can easily substitute Mangnaloy, KTR, CTG, Ruland and similar products.